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The French School Curriculum is divided into a primary and a secondary cycle


Primary cycle is designed for children from 3 to 10 years and composed of 3 progressive cycles. Each cycle contains learning objectives allowing to successfully progress through the following cycle… Pre-school (Maternelles) for kids from 3 to 6 years, is divided in Cycle 1 for “Petite et Moyenne Section”, followed by Cycle 2 with “Grande Section”, entry in Elementary school with Preparatory Course and Elementary Course 1; finally Cycle 3 with Elementary Course 2, Cours Moyen 1 and 2. Secondary cycle is designed for children from 11 to 18 years old and composed in 2 periods : the collège (Secondary School) and the Lycée (High School).


For the secondary school, the EFH is a conventionnal school from the CNED, Centre National d’Enseignement à distance, which is an organization of the French Department of National Education for distance learning. This very reliable organization proposes school programs of an excellent level for primary school (from the grand section of pre-school to medium course 2) and secondary school (from the 6th level to the Baccalauréat). The content of the educational training is conforming to the official French programs.

The CNED provides the pupils with :

  • a guarantee to follow the official French program of Education
teaching aid
  • a double grading (teacher in France, teacher in Hurghada)
a validation of the level

The EFH provides the pupils with :

  • a welcoming and secured place of work
a place to socialize (cultures and exchanges)
  • a place to study (learning and knowledge)
  • a place of development (intelligence and personality)


It is the cycle of first educational skills from 3 to 5 years old. First objective is to develop oral language skills and to improve social skills. Special attention is drawn on graphic activities, most activities are organized in a playful manner.

  • Acting and expressing itself with one’s own body
  • Discovering the world
  • Sensitivity, imagination, creation
  • Concentration, methodology.

Pupils aged 3 to 4 are in “Petite Section” de Maternelle- Small section; the ones aged 4 to 5 are in “Moyenne section” – Medium section of Pre-school. For the children of non French-speaking parents, it is recommended registering their children as early as the Small Section of pre-school one to facilitate the apprenticeship of the French language.


It is the cycle of basic skills from 5 to 8 years old. It is divided in 3 classes : “Grande Section de Maternelle ” – Grand section of Pre-school, “Cours Préparatoire” Preparatory course of Elementary school, and Elementary course 1 (CE1). The schedule is divided between the different disciplines of which the objectives are: Acquisition of literary skills of reading and writing. Understanding the meaning of words in texts. Learning basic numeracy skills :

  • Construction of numbers and exploitation of numerical data,
  • calculations,
  • space and geometry,
  • magnitudes and measures.

Discover the world (time, space, citizenship, domains of life, matter and objects).

  • Languages : Arabic and English
Visualt arts, musical education
Sports and physical education.

It is the cycle of reinforcement of skills for ages 8 to 11 years. There are 3 classes from the primary school : Ementary Course 2 (CE2), Cours Moyen 1 (CM1) and Cours Moyen 2 (CM2). The schedule is divided between the different disciplines of which the objectives are:

  • Work on the structure of language : grammar.
  • Mastering French language and communication
Visualt arts, musical education
Sports and physical education
  • Technology and experimental sciences
  • History, Geography, Civic education
language : arabic and english


Yaël French and Philosophy Teacher - French teacher
Halim Mathematics Teacher
Diane Kinder garden teacher
Solveig Sciences and Physics Teacher - Technology
Angelika German Teacher
Carole Music Teacher - School teacher
Daniela Spanish Teacher
Anthony Arabic for Non-speakers - Mathematics Teacher
Laëtitia French teacher - Kinder garden teacher
Hiba Arabic Teacher
Martha Classe ULIS